an evergreen christmas gift guide

The Adventurer

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The Outdoor Hammock

The outdoor camping hammock was designed for the great outdoors.  Constructed from parachute grade nylon fabric it will last a lifetime. Not only does 

56 EDC Case

The Photographer

With their IP67 waterproof rating and fully customizable inserts, it’s no wonder, evergreen cases were build for the adventuring photographer 

230 Case  - On-The-Go Photographer

The evergreen 230 is the essential compact carry for any photographer. With internal dimensions of __x__x__ this case can fir many professional bodies and a lens, a couple film cameras, o

Evergreen 830 - The Professional

The 830 case is our Staff Pick for a professional Photographer’s case. At internal dimensions of __x__x__ and optional padded dividers, you can 7 lenses and 2 camera bodies.  Also, it was designed, intentionally, to meet TSA carry on requirements, so you don’t have to stress about someone else watching your $10,000 of gear.