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Evergreen Customizable 4 Digit Combination Lock for Luggage, Gun Cases, Dry Boxes, Outdoor, Office, Lockers, Tool Boxes, Ammo Cans

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  • Customize Your Combination - All of our trigger locks are preset to 0-0-0-0. Pull up the lock shackle, rotate 90 degrees and push the shackle down into the code setting gap. After, rotate an additional 90 degrees so it now is in line with the side numbers. Set your code and return the shackle to its original position.
  • High Grade Materials - These locks are made from a high grade metal alloy making up the body to ensure that your gear is protected.
  • Universal Firearm Protection - Keeping your firearms and ammunition locked and protected is essential. Our locks work perfectly on nearly any gun case, ammo can or ammo box. Ensuring that access to your firearms and ammunition is only available to those with the lock combination.
  • Easy To Use - Setting and changing the lock combination can be done in a few simple steps. Installation only takes a few seconds! This lock is also perfect for children and teenagers to use with their school or gym lockers to keep valuables safe.
  • Available individually and in 2 packs

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