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Evergreen SE-1630 Hard Shell Protective Rifle Case

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The Ultimate Rifle Case - Transport your rifle safely and securely with our ATA compliant 1630 case. Perfect for protecting pistols, Ruger LCP, Springfield XD, S&W Shield, DJI phantoms, Thompson, Remington, Bushmaster, handguns, shotguns, AR’s, bows, and perfect for transporting on car racks. Waterproof & Buoyant - This case still floats with over 195 lbs of gear inside! Stay worry free whenever you’re on a boat or kayak! Pick and Pluck foam - provide additional customization and protection for your gear. Twist Lock Latch provides additional security and protection for your valuables. Automatic pressure equalization system: Each twist lock latch doubles as an air release valve to provide stable pressure in each case. Lifetime Guarantee - You’ve invested in us and our case, so we’re also here to protect you and your investment. In our commitment to continue to support you, all of our cases have a lifetime guarantee.

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