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Evergreen Steel Biometric Quick-Access Gun Safe

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  • The Ultimate Protection - Our safe is made to keep valuables in and keep unauthorized individuals out. The biometric fingerprint scanner ensures that children and thieves aren’t able to access your valuables and firearms stored inside the case. Keep your family and children safe by storing your firearms in our biometric gun safe.
  • Solid Steel Design - The safe is made from solid steel, making it incredibly durable and nearly impossible to pry open. The interior has enough space for a handgun and a few small accessories and can easily be stored in a nightstand, closet, office or any other discrete location.
  • Quick Access & 3 Point Access - The biometric fingerprint scanner allows for quick access to your firearm or valuables when needed. You can access the interior of the safe one of three ways: The fingerprint scanner, keypad code or keyed lock for easy entry.
  • Discrete and Mountable - When it comes to storing your pistols and firearms, being discrete is key. The sleek and slender design makes it easy to store in tight, unnoticeable spaces. Inside the case are mounting holes allowing you to mount the case in a closet, bedroom, or on the side of a nightstand.
  • Easy to Use - Setting up the fingerprint scanner and password is simple! To set the password, press the interior settings button once, enter the password and press the interior settings button once again. To set the fingerprint, press the interior settings button once and then place your fingerprint on the fingerprint sensor 3 times.
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