Proper Ammo Storage

Proper Ammo Storage

Essential Tips for Proper Ammo Storage: Protecting Your Investment for the Long Haul 


  • Ammo exposed to moisture can cause corrosion. 
  • Corrosion on ammo can cause ammo to fire at a lower velocity or not fire at all.
  • Here are our best options for long term ammo storage

With the insane prices of ammo these days and how many people are stocking up in bulk, it's more important than ever to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. Whether you're a seasoned shooter or just starting out, understanding the importance of storing your ammo correctly can save you from potential hazards and preserve your investment in ammunition. In this post, we'll explore the ins and outs of proper ammo storage, including why it's essential to keep your rounds in a dry environment away from moisture, the impact of humidity on ammunition, and additional tips for ensuring your ammunition stays safe and reliable for years to come.


Why Store Ammo in a Dry Environment?

Ammo, like any metal-based product, is susceptible to corrosion when exposed to moisture. Storing your ammunition in a dry environment helps prevent rust and deterioration, ensuring that your rounds remain reliable and safe to use. This is especially crucial in humid climates, where moisture levels are higher and the risk of corrosion is amplified. Even brief exposure to moisture can compromise the integrity of your ammunition, leading to misfires or, in extreme cases, dangerous malfunctions.  With the price of ammo these days, you really can’t chance deterioration.


Isn’t Ammo Somewhat Waterproof?

One comment we often get is, why keep ammo dry? The simple answer is….no. unlike your iPhone 15Pro Max with an Otter Box case, your ammo isn't by default IP67 Waterproof. While high-quality ammunition is more resistant to moisture than its lower-grade counterparts, it's not immune to the effects of water. If your ammo is exposed to moisture, whether due to accidents or environmental factors, it's essential to dry it thoroughly as soon as possible. Prompt action can help mitigate potential damage and preserve the reliability of your rounds. However, prevention is always better than cure when it comes to protecting your investment in ammunition.


The Value of Organizing Your Ammo

Efficiently organizing your ammunition can significantly enhance your shooting experience across the board. Not only does it optimize your range sessions by streamlining access to different types of ammo, but it also only satisfying maintaining a well-ordered setup. For competition shooters, meticulous organization aids in tracking performance and refining techniques, while reloaders benefit from improved precision in crafting the perfect rounds. By investing a little time in organization, shooters of all levels can enjoy smoother range sessions, enhanced performance, and greater overall satisfaction in their shooting pursuits.


Securing Your Ammo(Lock it up!)

We prioritize safety above anything else when it comes to firearms. Keeping your ammunition safe from unauthorized access is the No.1 priority.  Store your rounds in a secure, locked container and/or gun safe to prevent theft or tampering. This not only ensures the safety of those around you but also helps you comply with legal requirements regarding the storage of firearms and ammunition.

Some states, such as California, require ammo to be stored and locked separately from firearms for general transportation.


Our recommended Product for Premium Ammo Storage

Best Case for 9mm and .45

TOUGHBOX - EG56 Pistol Ammo Case w/AridZone

Evergreen TOUGHBOX 56 Pistol Ammo Case 

The TOUGHBOX - EG56 Pistol Ammo Case w/AridZone is our top seller and most widely used, due to its compatibility with 9mm ammo.  Not only does it protect your ammo and keep it locked up, but it also includes our ARIDZone™ moisture prevention kits, which ensure that your ammo is safe from moisture for years to come.   You can learn more about Aridzone here

Best Case for 5.56 and .223

TOUGHBOX - EG57 Pistol Ammo Case w/AridZone


Similar to the EG56 TOUGHBOX™ highlighted above in every way except for its depth, the EG57 TOUGHBOX™ is made specifically for 5.56 and .223 rifle ammo.  IT includes the same ARIDZone™ moisture prevention and locking system as well.

Best Case for Large Rifle Ammo

EG230 XL Rifle Ammo Case


Created from the hundreds of requests for a bigger ammo case the EG230 XL Rifle Ammo Case is built for the larger ammo types. The foam is adaptable and works with a wide range of ammo. Highlighted below is a list of compatible ammo based on what we've tested, but this is in. no way an extensive list of every type of ammo that fits in this monster of a case.   Additionally, the EG230 case includes a molded padlock eyelet so that you can secure your ammo with any standard pad lock.

Compatible ammo for EG230 Rifle Ammo Case

Here is another image that displays multiple ammo in the case, which gives context to how popular ammo sizes fits inside the case.  You can see ammo types including 5.56/.223, 30-06, 300 win mag, and 338 win mag.

Thanks for reading our blog on best practices for proper ammo storage. If you have any additional questions on ammo storage or any of the evergreen case lineup, please reach out.





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