This Is Evergreen.


Our Story

Here at Evergreen, we embrace adventure, life and the outdoors. However, most importantly, we embrace the world around us. We know that nowadays it can be hard to find a moment to ourselves. Between work, the daily commute and so many other responsibilities we have on a daily basis, life is fast; honestly, it's hard to keep up. That's why it's more important now more than ever to take a few moments to stop and appreciate the world around us.

As we first began to talk about Evergreen we knew that we weren't here to push product, but to build a community. A community filled with drive, passion and a desire to explore the world around them while uplifting those they find along the way. The more we discussed what we wanted to accomplish, the more Seahorse began to enter into the conversation. Seahorse embodied everything that we were looking for. The team at Seahorse is intensely creative, constantly asking questions, team focused, make an incredible product and just simply awesome. Their cases were heavy duty, well made and engineered in-house; the perfect vehicle to transport precious material while we explore the world around us. When we approached Seahorse with our vision and ideas, they were nothing short of thrilled. From there, a partnership was born and Evergreen took shape.

While we've partnered with Seahorse to bring you some excellent ways to transport your equipment on your adventures, we've partnered with a few others to help give back to the people and places that make this world so great. Organizations such as Doctors Without Borders, Feeding America and WTLC are just a few of the nonprofits we're working with to help give back to the world and people around us.

While we have some excellent Nonprofit partners and the incredible folks at Seahorse, one important piece to making a difference is still missing. That's you! By going out and seeing the world around and sharing your experiences, we can help encourage more people to get out there and do the same. As we strive to make a difference in the communities around us and leave less imprint on the environment, we can bring about radical change in the world.