Seahorse cases are tough and built to last. We want you to get outside, go adventure and see the world. However, even the toughest of cases are still subject to the occasional defect and wear over time. You’ve invested in us and our case, so we’re also here to protect you and your investment. In our commitment to continue to support you, all of our cases have a lifetime guarantee. Here’s a list of a few of the situations our guarantee covers:

⭕ You notice a bit of moisture in the case after taking it white water rafting with you

⭕ The latch is coming loose or not closing 

⭕ The handle is giving you problems

⭕ The wheel on your case gets damaged during a photoshoot in the mountains

⭕ Any other issue that you experience from everyday wear and tear

While our lifetime guarantee is pretty incredible, it doesn’t quite cover everything. Here’s a list of a few things it won’t cover:

✘ Turning your case into an impromptu underwater treasure chest to be found in 10 years

✘ Filling your case with firecrackers

✘ Converting your case into a speaker and it catches on fire

✘ Towing your case behind your car on the freeway

✘ Dropping it off the empire state building

✘ Damages caused to the case through modding

✘ Damages caused from impractical use of the case

Basically, don’t do anything too crazy with the case and we should be good! Our goal is to never hamper your adventure, so our customer service team will get back to you quickly so you can get back out exploring.

All orders are shipped within the 24hrs of being placed. A customer wishing to cancel an order must reach out to the support team within 18hrs of placing the order. Once an order has been shipped, it is no longer eligible for cancellation.

Customers seeking a refund for an order must return any product received to Evergreen in order to be eligible. For items that arrive damaged, customers must send a photo of the damaged product to . From there, a return label will be issued and upon receiving back the product, a refund will be issued to the customer. 

Should a customer change their mind about purchasing a product after receiving it, the customer will be responsible to ship the item back to Evergreen after receiving a valid RA number from our support team. Once the item is received back, a refund will be issued to the customer.