Back To College – Must Have Roundup

Back To College – Must Have Roundup

Back To College – Must Have Roundup   

It’s that time of year again; the great annual send-off of college students everywhere is happening! To help you prepare your young adult for college life we’ve rounded up some of our favorite back-to-college accessories. Whether it’s your child’s first year of college or their fifth, these must haves will get their year started right and ready to embrace their next adventure! 



1. Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher  

Let’s face it; no one likes tap water. Every college student living on or off campus needs a water pitcher that ACTUALLY filters out harmful contaminants and provides great tasting water. Clearly Filtered’s Affinity Filtration Technology® is unmatched, targeting 365+ contaminants including fluoride, lead, BPA, PFOAs, & semi-volatile compounds. Independently tested to NSF (42, 53, 401, and 473) and EPA standards, their filters out-perform the competition by a landslide. 


 2. Clearly Filtered Water Bottle  

Students are constantly on the go. With their days filled with classes, study sessions, sports, and work, many students may leave their dorm or apartment and be gone all day. Having a water bottle in tote is the norm these days, but who wants to refill their bottle from a standard fountain or tap? Clearly Filtered has solved this problem with their innovative 32oz or 20oz double walled, stainless steel water bottles with Affinity Filtration Technology® built inside! 


3. Medication Lock Box 

Living in a dorm or apartment as a college student often means sharing A LOT. However, one thing that should never be shared, but is on the rise in college settings, is the sharing of medications. Having a safe, lockable, portable way to secure medications is a must. These cases are childproof, tamperproof, crush-proof, waterproof, portable and lockable; designed keep others out and provide protection in any location. Several sizes available. 

4. Laptop Case 

College students today are more mobile and active than ever, and need a laptop case that can last and protect their technology. The Seahorse 85 with Accuform Foam can stand up to a bike ride across campus to a study session, a hike with friends, or normal travel to and from class - fitting easily into a backpack. The unique foam can be customized to fit most standard size laptops or small accessories that need protecting. These cases are put through rigorous testing to ensure that the heaviest fall will keep the case and your valuables intact. 

5. Seahorse 920 Suitcase  

There’s going to be a lot of travel for most college students over the next few years. Whether they are traveling home for winter break, or taking a gap year to explore the world - give them a case that can protect their valuables to the max. Seahorse Cases are built to last and are impact resistant, crushproof, dustproof and IP67 waterproof. This case has an extendable handle, co-molded shock absorbing wheels, and comes with the added protection of padlock holes. It’s a case that’s ready for the adventure.