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Evergreen 8” Professional Classic Chef Knife, Stainless Steel, Great for Paring, Dicing, Cutting with Octagon Wood Handle, Blade Sharpener and Gift Box

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  • 8 Inch Chef’s Knife - The Evergreen 8” classic chef knife is made from a high quality stainless steel that’s resistant to rust, corrosion and discoloration. It’s the perfect solution to everyday tasks like chopping, slicing, dicing, mincing, and paring for fruits, vegetables, meats and bread. Makes a great addition to any home or restaurant.
  • Never a Dull Moment - With the included sharpener, your blade will always be sharp and ready to go. The sharp blade of the Evergreen classic chef knife ensures that you’re able to cut nearly anything with ease. The sharpener comes equipped with rubber grip pads on the bottom to ensure that the sharpener doesn’t move while you’re sharpening your blade.
  • Modern Japanese Design - While function is the most important part of a knife, we understand that knives also must be visually appealing. The natural wood handle is made in a traditional Japanese design and made for comfort with extended use. The hammered dimple design isn’t just for show, but helps food slide off easily while in use.
  • Hand Wash Only - Professional knives deserve professional care and are best taken care of when hand washed and not thrown in a dishwasher. The dimpled design is made from unfinished steel, which can be prone to rust. For the best results, hand wash the knife and immediately hand dry it to keep the blade in the best condition.
  • The Perfect Gift - Each knife comes in a high quality gift box with a magnetic lid, making it a perfect and easy gift for the aspiring chef in your life. The included sharpener ensures that the knife is sharp enough to meet the expectations of any new or professional chef.

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