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Evergreen Customizable 3 Digit Combination Universal Trigger Lock for Handguns, Pistols, Rifles, Shotguns, BB Guns, AR, Firearms

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  • Customize Your Combination - All of our trigger locks are preset to 0-0-0. By pressing and holding the reset button, you can customize your combination to whatever you want.
  • High Grade Materials - These locks are made from a high grade metal alloy making up the body with a soft rubber cushion pad to protect the gun and trigger from any damage.
  • Universal Firearm Protection - This lock works with any firearm, pistol, rifle, shotgun, BB gun, AR, or handgun. Provide additional protection to your firearms and safety to your house, family and kids.  DISCLAIMER: This lock IS NOT TO BE USED WITH A LOADED GUN
  • Easy To Use - Setting and changing the lock combination can be done in a few simple steps. Installation only takes a few seconds!
  • Available individually, in 3 packs & 5 packs

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