Top 5 Father's Day Gift Items under $100

Top 5 Father's Day Gift Items under $100

Father's Day is Evergreen cases favorite holiday and it's the ideal moment to express gratitude to the dads in our lives. Picking out the right gift can be challening and here's a great starting place, Top 5 Fathers Day gift list. Whether your dad is tech-savvy, fashion-forward, or an outdoor enthusiast, a practical gift will bring a smile to thier face. And we've currated a list of perfect gifts that wont break the bank.

1. A Stylish Watch

Timex Weekender Chronograph - $65.00

TW2R42500JT Weekender 2-piece 40mm Leather Strap Watch primary image

A stylish watch is more than just a way to keep track of time—it's a statement of style and sophistication. Even on a budget, you can find high-quality watches that offer both functionality and elegance.

The Timex Weekender Chronograph is a versatile and stylish watch with a classic design. Its interchangeable straps allow for customization, making it suitable for various occasions.

Why it’s a great gift: A watch is a versatile accessory that can be worn daily and cherished for years to come. It’s a constant reminder of your appreciation and love.

2. Personalized Leather Wallet

Fossil Ingram Leather Bifold Wallet - $60.00

A leather wallet is a staple in any man’s wardrobe. Opt for a high-quality leather wallet that can be personalized to add a special touch.

The Fossil Ingram Leather Bifold Wallet is made from genuine leather and offers plenty of space for cards and cash. Personalize it with your dad's initials for a unique and thoughtful gift.

Why it’s a great gift: A personalized wallet is practical and stylish, making it a thoughtful and enduring gift.

3. High-Quality Shaving

Vikings Blade The Emperor Meiji Adjustable Safety Razor - $69.97

The Emperor MEIJI Adjustable Safety Razor

A high-quality safety razor can transform a daily shaving routine into an elevated experience. Look for razors that offer excellent craftsmanship and durability.

The Emperor Meiji Adjustable Safety Razor from Vikings Blade is designed with precision and elegance. It features an adjustable setting for a customized shave and is built with superior materials for long-lasting performance. Vikings Blade is known for its attention to detail and premium quality.

Why it’s a great gift: A high-quality safety razor adds a touch of luxury to a daily ritual, ensuring your dad starts his day feeling fresh and pampered.

4. Tech Gadgets

Shure SRH440A Professional Studio Headphones - $99.00

For the tech-savvy dad, cutting-edge gadgets are always a hit. You can find excellent tech gifts without breaking the bank.

These headphones deliver enhanced detailed frequency response with accurate audio for podcasting, home recording and critical editing/mixing.

Why it’s a great gift: Tech gadgets enhance everyday life with convenience and entertainment, making them practical and exciting gifts.

5. Protective Hard Shell Case

Clear 56 Rubber ToughBox - $30.00



Everyday carry (EDC) refers to the essential items people carry with them on a daily basis, tailored to their personal needs and lifestyle. Like a FujiFilm Camera and strap, these protective hard shell cases are a practical and thoughtful gift for dads who are always on the go. 

This medium-sized ToughBox is the perfect organizational yet rugged companion! When you have valuable tech that must come along, protecting it is easier than ever. The 100% polycarbonate construction is precision designed to ensure your gear stays dry, secure, and protected. Add a personalized touch with Evergreen Customs.

Why it’s a great gift: Not only is it a protective hard shell case that ensures your dad's devices stay safe from bumps, drops, and scratches. You can personalize it so he never forgets who is "the world's best dad".

Final Thoughts

When choosing a Father's Day gift, consider your dad's personality, hobbies, and interests. Whether it's a stylish watch, a personalized wallet, a high-quality shaving kit, a cutting-edge gadget, or a protective hard shell case, the most important thing is that the gift comes from the heart. These timeless gifts are sure to bring a smile to your dad's face and show him just how much he means to you. Happy Father's Day!