Air Travel with Evergreen

Air Travel with Evergreen


This article answers some of the most common questions about traveling with cases and luggage:

  1. What’s the difference between standard soft luggage and hard-shell luggage
  2. What’s the difference between Evergreen luggage and other hard luggages?
  3. What's the maximum size and weight for checked luggage?
  4. What happens if my luggage breaks?
  5. What case is recommended for traveling with checked luggage?
  6. How can I get discounts on checked luggage?
  7. How can I protect my baggage from mishandling / getting lost?
  8. What is the maximum size for carry-on luggage?
  9. What is Evergreen's recommended carry-on luggage?
  10. What's the best way to pack for going through security?
  11. How do I travel with firearms and ammunition?

Here at Evergreen we live out our philosophy of Embracing the Adventure – which means we travel with our own gear! Whether traveling for a photoshoot, visiting family, or taking a well deserved vacation – we’re all familiar with the stress that accompanies air travel. Damaged and lost luggage, TSA security, stolen items, extra fees — and what feels like ever changing rules surrounding how to fly — it may feel like it’s not worth the headache. However, Evergreen has your back. To help navigate these issues, we've compiled a comprehensive list of the most common questions about flying with our cases.

1. What’s the difference between standard soft luggage and hard-shell luggage?
By far the most common, standard soft luggage comes equipped with zippers. These cases may work okay for infrequent use, or when tossed in the back of a vehicle, but literally fall apart when put through even occasional air travel. While these may be more affordable upfront (though prices can range significantly), expect that they need to be replaced much more often than a hard-shelled counterpart.

Usually made from ABS, polypropylene or polycarbonate, hard sided cases have rigid frames to provide additional protection to contents. However, not all hard-shell cases are created equal. The quality and source of materials, as well as the integrity of the construction design varies drastically. These components make the difference between a case that will fall apart in a couple of years and a Seahorse or Evergreen case that will stand the test of time and travel. All Seahorse and Evergreen cases are constructed to MIL-STD 810F Standards with high quality materials and expert craftsmanship here in the USA. 

2. What’s the difference between Evergreen luggage and other hard luggages? 
So what makes our cases stand out? To start, ours are virtually indestructible. We're not kidding; these are built to withstand nearly ANY adventure. With that in mind, TSA is a piece of cake. These cases are rigorously tested to be rustproof and IP67 Waterproof, dustproof and impact resistant. These cases easily clear the bar for TSA requirements and are ATA-300 rated, constructed to Milspec. Integrated eyelets allow for secure locking. Metal Keyed Locks upgrades are also available for most cases. However, just in case something does happen to the case, all cases come with a lifetime warranty (Evergreen Guarantee). 

TwistLock Latches are a unique line feature that create waterproof security and prevent accidental opening. Furthermore, cases are equipped with Automatic Pressure Equalization, which means opening the latch instantly equalizes the pressure. Cases with zippers – even the supposedly tamper-proof ones – have proven to be easily hacked into with a simple ball-point pen. Since our cases aren't reliant upon zippers to stay closed and instead come standard with TwistLock Latches and integrated eyelets for locks, our cases don’t make easy targets for theft.

Get a top-tier customization experience with our variety of interior options. Looking for an easy way to transport photography equipment and multiple lenses? The padded dividers offered on many of our cases are perfect. Need more storage options for increased organization? Both the SE830 and SE920 offer the five-pocket lid organizer. Traveling with specialized high-end equipment, electronics or equipment? The PROFoam provides premier customization that maintains shape over time, and allows for varying depths simply with a knife. We’ve also got you more than covered for firearm travel with a variety of precut-foam weapon cases and upgrades to metal locks, or the option to make it entirely custom-built with foam insert options. Specifically designed for the gun enthusiast, these cases are exceptional at protecting equipment, secure and lockable.

3. What’s the maximum size and weight for checked luggage? 
For US Domestic flights, checked baggage with most airlines is usually limited to 62 inches linear (which means length + width + height), with a maximum weight of 50 lbs. Some airlines still offer one free checked bag per passenger, though it is seemingly becoming more common to have a first bag fee. Oversized bag allowances and maximum limits vary by airline, but range from 80-115 inches linear. Over 50 lbs and up to 100 lbs will incur additional fees, usually ranging from $100-$200. For specific details regarding your oversized or overweight luggage, it’s best to visit the specific airlines’ policy for the most current information. Note there may also be limitations on size, weight, and numbers of checked bags based on destination. 

Most Popular Seahorse Cases Linear Inches



Linear Inches

SE830 (Best Carry-on)

21.9 + 13.9 + 8.9

44.7 inches

SE920 (Best Checked Luggage)

24.1 + 16.1 + 10.2

50.4 inches


28.4 + 22.3 + 15.2

65.9 inches

SE1231 (Within Checked Limits) 

31.8 + 21.1 + 9.1

62 inches


31.8 + 21.1 + 11.1

64 inches


31.8 + 21.1 + 13.2

66.1 inches

SE1530 (Best for Rifles)

46.6 + 16.7 + 7.28

70.58 inches

SE1630 (Great for Rifles)

57.3 + 18.5 + 8.4

84.2 inches


4. What happens if my luggage breaks? 
These cases are made for travel, so they are ATA Approved and ATA-300 Rated – which means you should be able to fly with them checked over 300 times without any issue! But we believe in our products so much, we take this a step further with a Lifetime Warranty (Evergreen Guarantee). If your case doesn’t stand up to the baggage handler beating, constant use or frequent flying, let us know and we will make it right. Truly built for the journey, our cases can handle it all. 

 5. What case is recommended for traveling with checked luggage?
Our staff-pick for checked baggage is the Seahorse 920. It’s the ultimate travel case and provides premium protection. The 920’s larger capacity makes it ideal for cameras, drones, recording equipment, radios, action cameras, compact projectors, audio equipment – or even use it as a regular suitcase for everyday travel. With specially designed RimFlex, comolded shock-absorbing smooth-glide wheels, and an extendable pull handle, the details of this case enhance its durability.

Protecting valuable gear is easy with the 920 that comes standard with TwistLock Latches and two integrated eyelets for TSA-Approved locks. It won’t matter if your case is tossed recklessly into the plane cargo belly, or chucked by baggage handlers onto the tarmac cart before getting to the reclaim conveyor belts – the Seahorse 920 will remain intact. Also known for the variety of interior options to customize, the uses are endless with a SE920. Trick out the interior with options including padded dividers, lid organizers, AccuformFoam or PROFoam. Even the exterior is customizable for this most popular travel case.

6. How can I get discounts on checked luggage? 
For photographers or other media-type professionals, there may be a discount on ‘media baggage’ that holds equipment such as drones, camera, lenses, and sound and lighting equipment. Each airline has differing rules for who and what qualifies as ‘media baggage,’ but it’s definitely worth exploring especially if traveling with equipment for work. Most of the airlines require proof of affiliation with the media through a company issued identification card or media pass. If you are self employed as a photographer, or have a small business, this is something to look at creating for the business. Just don’t think you can show up and prove you are a photographer with your Instagram account – that will probably not fly. Media baggage allows for some oversize items and discounts range from $50-$200 off regular prices. 


7. How can I protect my baggage from mishandling / getting lost? 
Not to scare anyone away from traveling (cause we actually want to encourage it!) – but the Bureau of Transportation Airline Statistics, Air Travel Consumer Report, Issued February 2024 shows that in 2023 baggage mishandling occurs with 1 in every 200 bags enplaned. Baggage mishandling includes bags reported by passengers to have been lost, stolen, or damaged. Those numbers are pretty high – but be assured our cases are built for this. 

Essentially indestructible, these hard shells won’t crack, bend, or dent – from check-in to pick-up. Tough-box built, they can withstand a pounding and remain intact with contents fully protected. With TwistLock Latches and an O-ring seal that’s waterproof and dustproof, integrated eyelets for locks, and an option to upgrade to metal locks (recommended for travel with firearms; see traveling with firearms section), getting into these cases isn’t easy for someone looking for an easy grab. 

While our solid large cases are an investment, they are not the type of high-end suitcase that invariably makes itself a target for theft. You can personalize our most popular cases (SE830, SE920) for easy identification and the most efficient pick up at baggage claim. Multiple font options in two locations allow for names, initials, labels, social media tags, or any desired text. Some professionals use the custom text to organize their gear or rep their brand. We only use long-lasting, durable, waterproof and virtually scratch proof UV printing to achieve all of our unique or personalized options. UV printing allows instant curing and drying, providing for a smooth finish that holds up over time.

8. What is the maximum size for carry-on luggage? 
Amongst the top airlines in the United States, the limits for carry-on luggage are frequently 22" x 14" x 9" or 45 linear inches. It’s also important to note that while most airlines do not list weight limits for carry-on bags, one airline we researched did limit the carry-on baggage to 22 lbs. For those trying to travel without checking baggage, most major carriers allow for 1 personal item in addition to a single carry-on case. Personal items can include things like a purse, laptop, briefcase, camera bag or diaper bag. 


9. What is Evergreen’s recommended carry-on luggage? 
Carry-on baggage needs to be hassle-free and durable, and the Seahorse 830 is the best option. Right sized for domestic carry-on (21.9 x 13.9 x 8.9), made of solid polypropylene construction, IP67 Waterproof, dustproof and crush-proof – GenZers refer to this case as ‘dank’ (excellent; very high-quality). Durability meets functionality with the SE830’s smooth-gliding and shock-absorbing RimFlex wheels and an extendable pull handle. With additional side handles, it’s easy to throw this carry-on in the overhead compartment. TwistLock Latches also come standard and two integrated eyelets easily accommodate TSA-Approved locks. 

Get rid of makeshift interior cushioning and upgrade to the protection for valuable equipment that comes with the SE830. Ideal for cameras, drones, recording equipment, radios, action cameras, compact projectors, audio equipment – not only will this case safeguard gear, but you’ll have the flexibility to customize the interior to meet your needs. Interior options include padded-dividers, lid organizers, AccuformFoam or PROFoam. Even the exterior can be personalized with names, labels or to rep your brand.

10. What’s the best way to pack for going through security?
We also carry some great options for cases to help you get through TSA Security quickly and painlessly! No one wants to be the person holding up the TSA checkpoint line by rifling through their bags to find and pull out all their electronics. TSA asks for all electronic devices to be placed into their own bin for scanning – this would include items like phones, laptops, hand-held gaming devices, cameras, tablets, and e-readers such as Kindles. Using a case like the SE710 to store and protect electronics makes it easy to have them all together and accessible to be put through screening. 

11. How do I travel with firearms and ammunition? 
The most frequently asked questions we get revolve around flying with firearms. Thankfully, this information is easily accessible and compiled by TSA in their Transporting Firearms and Ammunition page, but we’ve also tried to summarize the main points below. It’s also important to note that individual airlines may vary on their handling fees and restrictions, so checking your specific airline is important. For Domestic US travel, all firearms, firearm parts and ammunition must be checked luggage (cannot be in a carry-on). Along these lines, NEVER attempt to bring a firearm or ammunition through TSA Security Screening Checkpoints, unless you’d like to not make your flight. 

So how does one fly with firearms then? Firearms must be unloaded, securely locked and inaccessible in a hard-sided case (all of our hard-sided cases with locks in place meet this criteria), and declared as containing a firearm, firearm parts (like clips, mags, bolts, firepins) or ammunition at the ticket counter upon arrival. TSA has expanded their definition of a “firearm” to now also include frames, 3D printed guns and receivers (see TSA Civil Enforcement of Prohibited Items). In order to travel with ammunition or clips (loaded or unloaded clips/magazines) within the same case as your firearm, they must also be in their own separate hard-sided, secure case.

Securely locking a firearm case means that ONLY the passenger should possess the key for the case. While TSA locks are approved, it is actually recommended to have key locks in place that would not be accessible by others at all. This is where our keyed metal lock upgrades come in handy, and can be purchased with your case or available for purchase separately for most case sizes. 

The best thing you can do before flying with firearms is to prepare prior to arrival at the airport. Thankfully, TSA now has a contact center available to help with questions by email, phone, text or facebook messenger, see TSA Customer Service. While we’ve covered the basics, it’s definitely worth checking out the specific airline’s rules regarding travel with ammunition and firearms.