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Seahorse SE-1530 Hard Shell Protective Rifle Case



The perfect case for any hunter looking to protect and transport their rifle. Waterproof, dust proof, impact resistant and built to last with a lifetime warranty. 

With a pull out handle and built in wheels, transportation is a breeze.

What are you waiting for? Adventure is calling!

  • Wide track wheels
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • Impact Resistant
  • Compliant with airline ATA-300 specifications
  • Standard safety latches
  • Military Standard Certificate: MIL-STD 810F 512.4

  • Description

    Each case is available with and without foam. Did we also mention that these cases are tough? We’re talking throw off a roof tough. Drag behind a speedboat tough. Waterproof, watertight, shock resistant and more portable than your fancy water bottles. Not only are these cases tough, but have endless uses. It's the perfect lockable gun case for airline travel and tactical rifle case for your next hunting trip.

    Maybe hunting isn't quite your thing, but you know your way around a camera. Not only is this the perfect DSLR camera case, but the best hard case for camera equipment in general. 

    Not only do these cases do great in the outdoors, but do great by the water. Rest at ease knowing that our waterproof storage case will keep all your sensitive equipment nice and dry.


  • Specs


    • Wide track wheels 
    • IP67 Waterproof
    • Impact Resistant
    • Compliant with airline ATA-300 specifications
    • Standard safety latches

    Exterior Dimensions: 46.6" x 16.7" x 6.8"
    Interior Dimensions: 44.5" x 14.3" x 6.2"
    Empty Weight: 17.2 lb
    Weight w/ Foam: 19.6 lb

Prop 65
⚠ WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer.  For more information go to

Keep Everything Safe

Crush Proof
Heavier than the competition!  We use 100% Pure Polypropylene in the mold process, compared to competitors which infuse their materials with oxygen creating an internally porous, and weaker, case material.

Lid Design
Your case is created with an over-shroud to protect the rim seal, prevent water contact in weather, and add 2X the strength in the lid!

With non-metallic pins, hinges, and standard latches there is no worry of rust or corrosion that can damage a case you are relying on.

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